Introduction. Narratives of Mobility in the Crime Genre


  • Maurizio Ascari University of Bologna
  • Silvia Baroni University of Bologna
  • Sara Casoli University of Bologna


Parole chiave:

Crime fiction, Mobility, Cultural Identity, Transculturality


This issue of Scritture migranti (15/2021) aims to investigate a phenomenon that is highly characteristic of contemporary crime fiction on a global level: the representation and thematization of multiculturalism, mobility across borders, and transcultural identities. Thanks to its international circulation and its ability to highlight social and political issues throughout the lens of the investigation, crime fiction offers a privileged perspective through which to observe the encounters and the conflicts associated with migrancy and other forms of social and cultural mobility. As discussed in the introduction, the contributors to this issue reflect on notions such as “cultural identity”, “integration”, and “transnationality” while addressing a range of topics that includes genre blending, the representation of multi-ethnic places, expat writers and characters.




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Ascari, Maurizio, Silvia Baroni, e Sara Casoli. 2022. «Introduction. Narratives of Mobility in the Crime Genre». Scritture Migranti, n. 15 (marzo). Bologna, Italy:i-xiii.